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Efficient Drain Backup Solutions from Ideal Rooter

Ideal Rooter is your dependable companion for drain backup issues. Our dedication to offering effective drain and sewage solutions ensures you will not have to deal with lengthy plumbing delays.
Our experienced team knows the difficulty and distress that a clogged drain might cause in your daily life. That is why we are committed to providing dependable and effective services. We can handle any of your drainage concerns since we have years of experience clearing obstructions, performing necessary repairs, and performing preventative maintenance.
Ideal Rooter is committed to providing solutions with the utmost attention and accuracy. We use cutting-edge equipment and procedures to ensure your plumbing system runs smoothly and efficiently, eliminating future backup problems.

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Preventative Drain Backup Maintenance

Preventing drain backup is frequently the best approach, and Ideal Rooter excels at this. We provide preventative maintenance to keep your drains clear and plumbing problems at bay. Our skilled personnel will perform Regular inspections and cleanings and remove potential blockage culprits such as grease, hair, and debris. Preventative maintenance keeps your drains clear while avoiding costly repairs and unforeseen plumbing crises.

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Emergency Drain Backup Repairs

In the case of a backup, you require a quick and dependable reaction. Ideal Rooter is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A call to our experts assures that any drain backup problem is resolved quickly and expertly. We recognize the gravity of these situations and are committed to assisting quickly. With Ideal Rooter, you can be confident that your drain will be cleared and your Plumbing will be restored quickly, removing the inconvenience of drain backup.

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Clogged Drain Solutions
Clogged Drain Solutions
Clogged Drain Solutions
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A Brief Overview of Ideal Rooter's Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Ideal Rooter’s dedication to excellence is the foundation of our service when it comes to drain backup. We take pride in providing a level of commitment and quality that distinguishes us in the business.

Our commitment begins with our highly trained team of specialists who are knowledgeable in their industries and enthusiastic about giving excellent solutions to our customers. We invest in their training regularly and update them on the newest drain and sewer maintenance techniques and technologies.

We are committed to providing transparent service, always thoroughly explaining the problem and alternative solutions before beginning any work. This guarantees that you understand the process well and can make informed judgments.

Ready to Unblock Your Drains?

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your day. Ideal Rooter is available to solve your drain problems quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to give exceptional drain and sewage solutions. Say goodbye to backups and hello to trouble-free Plumbing. Contact Ideal Rooter immediately for immediate assistance and a faultless plumbing system. A phone call away from comfort and peace of mind.


Ideal Rooter is delighted to help you with drain cleaning, repair, replacement, or installation. We are a group of trained and highly qualified local plumbers who can handle any plumbing problem. You may be confident that your drains are capable because we exclusively use cutting-edge technology. Because of our same-day service policy, you will not have to wait long for the plumbing service! After receiving your initial call, Ideal Rooter technicians will respond as quickly as possible. Our work is both timely and cost-effective.

Drain backup is a typical issue for many houses. We asked our skilled plumbers to respond to the most often-asked questions concerning the problem and how to remedy it.

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Drain Backups: typical causes and solutions

Drains become backed-up due to a multitude of factors.  The following are some of the most common:

    – FOG

    – Coffee beans

    – Food waste

    – sanitary napkins

    – Waste generated by humans

    – Foreign objects

     – Pipe deterioration

    – Rodents

    – The roots of a tree.

An acronym typically used for fats, oils, and grease is FOG. These elements frequently clog the pipe, impeding water drainage and generating an unpleasant odour. Coffee grains become mushy and sticky when exposed to water, transforming into a material that can readily clog drains. Contrary to widespread assumption, garbage disposal units do not entirely prevent food particles from entering the drain system. The collection of these byproducts obstructs the flow of water.

When it comes to toilet drains, excessive use of toilet paper, biological waste, and the age of the faucet can all contribute to blockage. Rodents can clog your drain and cause substantial damage to it. Tree roots can also grow into sewer pipes, causing clogs and holes.

If you see any of these signs, please get in touch with Ideal Rooter immediately. Our skilled experts will thoroughly inspect your pipe system and resolve the clog using suitable procedures.

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The most effective methods for cleaning drain pipes

Baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water are ineffective for drain cleaning. Despite what you may read online, these solutions cannot deal with severe and extensive congestion. If your drain continues to clog, snaking or hydro-jetting is highly suggested. A plumbing snake is used when the obstacle is light and easy to push to the more significant part of the drain or pull out. Because it will repeat all of your pipes’ curves, its bending form will let the plumber reach the clog quickly. When the obstruction is severe, however, hydro-jetting is used. A hydro-jet directs a high-pressure stream of water directly at the clog, allowing it to unclog the drain quickly. This equipment cleans your drain thoroughly, preventing future obstructions. Aside from being the quickest way of pipe cleaning, hydro-jetting is also environmentally beneficial because no chemicals are used.

Depending on the severity of the obstruction, Ideal Rooter skilled plumbers use both snaking and hydro-jetting. A preliminary check of the drain is performed to ensure that the pipe system will not be damaged throughout the procedure. Call Ideal Rooter right now to learn more about these services.

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Causes of frequent sewer line obstructions

As previously said, sewage blockages develop for various causes, some of which are beyond the homeowner’s control. To begin with, if your pipes are old, they are almost certainly more prone to damage and blockage. Obstructions can be caused by holes in the piping system, rust, leaking couplings, and sagging lines. Another explanation could be soil shifting or increased traffic in the area, which could cause older sewer pipes to fail and cause a clog. It is critical to understand that each piping material has a different level of durability. Clay and iron pipes have a limited lifespan, whereas PVC pipes can endure up to 100 years.

Because roots can penetrate pipes, they can cause various plumbing problems. This blunder will cut off most of the water flow and severely harm the sewage.

These issues necessitate professional assistance, which Ideal Rooter is pleased to provide! Local licensed plumbers will utilise cutting-edge equipment to clear sewage line obstructions quickly and efficiently.

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Backup of sewer into basement

If your sewer line begins to back into your basement, it could signal one of three problems. First and foremost, your sewer line may need to be more precise. Because there is nowhere for the wastewater to go, it will end up in the lowest portion of your home, your basement. Second, the plumbing system could be cracked, shattered, collapsed, or damaged by anything, even tree roots. Finally, the issue may be separate from your sewer system. The city sewer is prone to overflow after solid rains, floods, or storms, causing your pipe system to back up.

Whatever the source of the problem, you should never attempt to solve it on your own. Entrusting this task to a professional is the most excellent method to secure your home’s protection. Contact Ideal Rooter; we can handle any sewage blockage quickly!

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frequently asked question

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is a valuable resource where we provide detailed answers to common inquiries about our plumbing and drain services. Whether you’re curious about our service offerings, pricing, emergency response times, or any other aspect of our business, you’ll find comprehensive information here. We believe in transparency and aim to address your concerns upfront, so you can make informed decisions about your plumbing needs.

Toilet paper, sanitary products, hair, debris and grease can often cause drain backups.

Drain backups can occur due to several circumstances, including:

  • Improper and infrequent maintenance of the sewage line
  • Foreign objects getting stuck in the drains
  • Flushing of items such as hair, debris and grease down the drain
  • Buildup of mineral resources

It is critical to have regular maintenance performed, and avoid dumping harmful items down your drains.

The first step in dealing with a drain backup is to turn off the water supply to the afflicted fixture. Then, using a plunger or a drain snake, You can try to unclog the drain on your own. If these approaches fail, you should contact a professional plumber.

You can prevent drain backups by doing the following things:

  • Install drain screens to capture hair and other debris before it drains.
  • Oil/grease should never be dumped down the drain
  • Properly dispose of food particles.
  • Foreign objects should not be flushed into the toilet or sink.
  • Once or twice a year, get your drains professionally cleaned.

Drain backups can pose a variety of hazards, including:

  • Drain backups can cause considerable water damage to your home or company.
  • Mould growth can occur in regions that have been damaged by water.
  • Bacterial contamination: Drain backups may include hazardous bacteria that, if consumed, can cause sickness.
  • Sewer gas leaks: Sewer gas is a potentially hazardous gas that can be emitted during a drain backup. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, and dizziness can all be caused by sewer gas.

If you suspect a sewage gas leak, immediately vacate your home or business and contact a plumber. Sewer gas is a hazardous gas that, if inhaled, can be lethal.


WHAT our customers say

Sepideh Ramandi
Sepideh Ramandi
Fast, quick service! They saved me when I was in a tight bind and helped prevent the problem from getting worse. Would recommend!
Nafiseh Hajikhani
Nafiseh Hajikhani
Thank you for your service. I had issues with my drains clogging and the faucet leaking, and I received excellent service. The prompt response, professional and clean technician and fair pricing all contributed to a positive experience. I would highly recommend them.
Reza hsnzd
Reza hsnzd
The quality of their work is outstanding, they efficiently resolved the plumbing issue , and the results were top- notch . There have been no issues since repair and I can rest easy knowing the problem has properly addressed.
tannaz teimour
tannaz teimour
I called on these guys for pipe repairs and they gave me the best service and price. I had a great experience with this company 👍🏼 Thank you
Maryam Sabouri
Maryam Sabouri
I called Ideal Rooter to come fix my toilet that was leaking. They were very professional, ontime and mess free! Definitely recommend them!!
Setareh Ramandi
Setareh Ramandi
Amazing experience with the team! They assessed and solved my issue immediately



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